Cultural Diplomacy: Engaging a Changing World

By Trudel | MacPherson / March 3, 2011

A refrain in President Obama’s State of the Union address on January 25 was, “We do big things!” He referenced the work of Brandon Fisher’s Center Rock mining company which designed the successful “Plan B” rescue of the Chilean miners and used that intervention as a metaphor for America’s story of ordinary people who dare to dream and imagine a better future. Can the arts be America’s “Plan B” in strengthening mutual understanding between Americans and citizens of Muslim-majority nations, so crucial in this time of global unrest? (more…)

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Discussing Arts Education in a State of Siege!

By Trudel | MacPherson / February 25, 2011

As protesters flooded the state capital in Wisconsin protesting the loss of collective bargaining options for teachers and other public employees Trudel MacPherson principals, working with the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education network, coached representatives of the Wisconsin Arts Alliance and other arts education advocates from across the country including attendees from Florida, Oklahoma, Vermont, Pennsylvania and Washington. All shared similar issues — how to build support for education in and through the arts in a time of fiscal tug-of-wars? (more…)

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Trudel | MacPherson tapped for Curbside Consultations at The Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network annual meeting

By Trudel | MacPherson / February 13, 2011

Some noises we’re hearing as 2011 gets underway — Snip, snip, snip – the sound of Congress cutting budgets for non essential programs; snap, snap, snap – the sound of state budgets collapsing from overstretched entitlement programs. How can arts education programs in states across the country survive and prevail?

Principals Mary Trudel and Rory MacPherson will work with members of the Alliance to help beleaguered directors and staff members find the words to reframe the conversation and help make Arts Education a high community priority, able to resist budget cuts, overcome apathy and energize advocates. (more…)

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Hitting the Target – the Give and Take of Cultural Branding

By Trudel | MacPherson / October 26, 2010
Hitting the Target – the Give and Take of Cultural Branding

Shown in the photo are, from left to right: Patricia Cohen, Culture Reporter, The New York Times (panel moderator); Glyn Northington, Senior Manager in Community Relations, Target; Andrew Hamingson, Executive Director, The Public Theater; and Arthur Cohen, President, LaPlaca Cohen.



Highlights from the October 25 Arts Forum at The New York Times

Speaking about why Target supports arts groups in the communities it serves – and has since its Dayton Hudson founders’ days, Glyn Northington made three compelling points.

Target Supports arts groups:

  1. To help guests (shoppers) see the company positively as a good neighbor
  2. To advance the reputation of the brand, separating it from other “big box” retailers
  3. To help Target recruit and retain team members (employees) who want to work for a socially responsible company

Glyn ‘s presentation slides can be found here. Text of his remarks can be found here. (more…)

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Alliance Forum 10/25, 8:30-11am

By Trudel | MacPherson / September 23, 2010
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How does arts sponsorship emotionalize a brand?


If the brand is Target, the answer is: “Get inspired. Get in for free” which extends the store’s brand promise of: “Expect more. Pay less.” (See adjacent Target ad publicizing “free admission for the whole family.”)
If the brand is the Public Theater, the answer lies in staying faithful to its institutional identity while stretching its offerings – think Joe’s Pub AND free Shakespeare in the Park – while driving for awareness.
The next New York Times/Alliance for the Arts Forum – co-produced by Trudel MacPherson – will feature Target’s Senior Manager of Community Relations, Glyn Northington and Andrew Hamingson, Executive Director of the Public Theater, discussing: THE GIVE AND TAKE OF CULTURAL BRANDING. (more…)
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