How Strong is Your Social Net? 2011 Results

3. Who responded?

Respondents by discipline

Chart: respondents by discipline. Click to enlarge.

The largest numbers of respondents described themselves as multidisciplinary arts presenters (25.5%), theater organizations (18.9%), music organizations (14.6%), and “other”—a category we didn’t specifically list (19.4%).

This “other” category included institutions such as arts agencies or service organizations, non-art museums, groups involved in arts education, and libraries/literary arts organizations. A significant number of groups work in the other two artforms we named, visual arts (12%), and film/video (1.5% ).

Respondents by budget

Respondents by budget. Click to enlarge.

Nearly half of our respondents (48.5%) work at arts organizations that have annual operating budgets of under $500,000.

Respondent locations

Respondent locations. Click to view full map.

Our respondents represent 45 states and 840 towns, cities, or parts of major metro areas. We had the highest numbers of responses from California (23.7%), Montana (12.8%), Pennsylvania (9%), and New York (6%). These four states represent just over half the data we collected.



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