How Strong is Your Social Net? 2011 Results

4. How are they using digital and social media?

  • Channels used

    Channels used by respondents. Click to enlarge.

    Our study found that email is the primary digital communications tool for most organizations (98.9% use it in some way or another; 71.3% described using it “constantly”), and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

  • Most organizations (83.7%) are also using some form of social components on their websites (such as social shares, Facebook “like” buttons, Twitter follow links).
  • Facebook (91.9%), YouTube (84%), and Twitter (65.9%) were the next most used channels.
  • On the low end, we saw little use of online publishing services such as Issuu (78.3% of organizations report not using such services at all), podcasts, and RSS (71.4% of respondents reported not using either of these tools).
What is communicated

What respondents are communicating. Click to enlarge.

Most organizations are using digital and social media to communicate background on programming (96%), single ticket price offers (89%), scheduling changes (89%), and subscription/membership packages (70%).


Frequency of communication. Click to enlarge.

Respondents are still working to determine the ideal frequency for their communications. Each platform has its intricacies: using Twitter infrequently defeats its purpose, while, conversely, no organization has the resources to crank out YouTube videos on a daily basis—so it’s a wide landscape. The largest number of organizations reports communicating several times per week (30.1%) or weekly (24.6%).


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