Trudel | MacPherson Principals Tapped as Culture Chronicle Guest Editors for the Alliance for the Arts

T | M is pleased to announce that Mary Trudel and Rory MacPherson have been named guest editors of the Culture Chronicle on the Alliance for the Arts website. The Culture Chronicle alerts the arts field to timely culture reporting and arts industry news and is a regular part of the Alliance’s popular website. Rory and Mary will be calling attention to arts industry news locally and nationally.

This guest stint builds on T | M’s deepening relationship with the Alliance. In 2010, Trudel | MacPherson began co-producing the Alliance’s Arts Forum series at The New York Times, including sessions on the Give and Take of Cultural Branding, Cultural Diplomacy and Art Works: A Discussion about Art Spaces and Communities. The next Arts Forum on April 15th will debut the release of LaPlaca Cohen’s CULTURE TRACK. The 2011 report incorporates findings from a national survey of cultural consumers’ attitudes and behaviors, examining trends in attendance and the motivators and barriers that affect participation.

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