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Working with our client partners, T | M creates web destinations and tool kits that complement and synthesize innovative interdisciplinary programming. The portals T|M creates help practitioners access, select and organize digital media resources to inform their practice and inspire their programming.

About the Creative Campus initiative

Creative CampusTo communicate knowledge about the Association of Performing Arts Presenters’ Creative Campus initiative which strove to integrate the performing arts into the education, service and scholarship missions on 14 college campuses – T|M created a flexible toolkit allowing administrators, artists, community partners, faculty and students to select their own pathways through the rich material.

Users are invited to experience and explore the long term artist residencies, on-campus events, and other creative activities by eight areas of interest including: Civic Dialogue, Interdisciplinary Exchange, Student Satisfaction, Science & Music, Writing & Theater and Campus Enchantment. The Creative Campus Success Factors pathways invite administrators, faculty members and campus presenters to understand WHY making the arts central to academic life is important as well as offering guidance on HOW to create compelling interdisciplinary programming.

T|M took 14 disparate case studies and created a dynamic portal which encourages presenters, faculty and administrators to engage around exciting examples of how the arts can deepen and enrich student experiences on campuses and in communities and become central to academic life. The portal is easy to navigate and allows users to become immersed in the material of most interest to them.

Mario Garcia Durham, President and CEO, Association of Performing Arts Presenters, noted, “We are especially pleased with Trudel | MacPherson’s thoughtful and dynamic approach to constructing the ‘Animating the Creative Campus’ online interactive toolkit. It is a useful tool and resource for helping practitioners to apply the principles and strategies of the Creative Campus model.”

Participating presenters agree. Jedediah Wheeler, Executive Director, Arts & Cultural Programming, Montclair State University, New Jersey explains: “Trudel | MacPherson’s Creative Campus portal really showcases the breadth of campus engagement achieved through our Creative Thinking project. For campus presenters eager to integrate their programming more fully into campus life, this platform provides an essential resource for sharing experiences and insights from a range of approaches.”

The Creative Campus initiative is a product of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters with funding provided by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

T|M is continuing to work with APAP to create portals, websites and toolkits to showcase the exciting work of US presenters and their artistic partners.

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