Photos and video from The Arts Forum at The New York Times

Shown in the photo are, from left to right: Robert Christie, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, The New York Times; Mary Trudel, Trudel | MacPherson; Randall Bourscheidt; Roberta Uno; Diane McNulty; Craig Hatkoff; Kelley Lindquist; and Patricia Cohen, Culture Reporter, The New York Times (panel moderator).

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More photos are here.
Video is now available from the June 21, 2010 Arts Forum at The New York Times titled Art Works: A Discussion About Art Spaces and Communities.
Panelists included Craig Hatkoff, Co-founder, Tribeca Film Festival; Kelley Lindquist, President, Artspace Projects; and Roberta Uno, Senior Program Officer, Arts & Culture Ford Foundation.
Their presentations are available via the links below, along with introductory remarks by Diane McNulty, Executive Director for Community Affairs and Media Relations at The New York Times and Randall Bourscheidt, President of the Alliance for the Arts.
The Arts Forum at The New York Times is presented by the Alliance for the Arts and co-produced by the Alliance and Trudel | MacPherson
Links to videos:

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