NJ Thrive Arts Conference

Trudel | MacPherson Principals Mary and Rory Lead Workshop at NJ Thrive Arts Conference 2012

Photo credit: Laura Pedrick Photography

Hosted by Art Pride New Jersey and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, the conference brought together more than 100 New Jersey arts organizations from all across the state. The conference theme reflected the importance of seamlessly integrating marketing, development and advocacy into all aspects of daily business. T|M was invited to review findings from our national How Strong Is Your Social Net? Research project and compare responses from the more than 35 NJ arts groups who took the survey with national data. We also moderated an interactive workshop designed to improve and integrate organizations’ communications strategies and audience engagement plans.

Reviewing the NJ cohort, we noted that Interactive Contests and Games are more popular with NJ arts groups than across the country. New Jersey groups track closely to the national profile in ways they extend users’ experience through the use of mobile platforms, except in New Jersey there is much higher use of interactive experiences such as contests and games – with one third of NJ groups reporting use vs only 21% nationally. NJ groups also lead the national findings in communicating insights from the artistic staff with more than 75% of NJ arts organizations tapping artistic staff for social media vs only 60% nationally.

However, fewer NJ groups report communicating giving opportunities however (at just 40% vs 61% nationally) and 55 % of NJ respondents feel resources are a challenge at their organizations vs 43% nationally.

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