How Strong is Your Social Net? 2011 Results

14. What are the big trends for coming year?

Based on what we’ve seen, we have a few predictions:

  • Organizations will better integrate digital communications into holistic communications policy. The interactive nature of digital and social media will, in turn, make thinking about communications and marketing within arts organizations more about interaction and engagement, rather than one-way promotion.
  • As organizations continue to experiment, they will find what works best for them and refine it. They will become increasingly comfortable with using digital media, and more selective about what they try.
  • Organizations will think less and less of these channels as “technology.” A car may be a machine, but we think of it today as a way of getting from one place to another. A telephone is also technological in nature, but to us it’s a means of communicating. Similarly, organizations (and their management) will look past the computer screen and into the world beyond, seeing digital tools as a means of connection and a set of communications options.
  • Management will become more comfortable with giving up a measure of control they’re accustomed to as their organizations reap the benefits of interactive engagement with audiences.
  • Collaboration will increase. While arts organizations do compete for audiences’ dollars, we’re seeing an increase in sharing audience data, intelligent cross-marketing, and arts groups helping each other in tough economic times.
  • Use of mobile tools and applications is on the rise. Digital media erases physical bounds by connecting people and organizations with any distance between them. In addition, location-aware devices have the potential to greatly enhance the experience of the arts and their venues, increase access to information about arts events, and add convenience to the process of purchasing tickets.

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