How Strong is Your Social Net? 2011 Results

11. How are arts organizations measuring their results and optimizing based on those learnings?


How respondents measure. Click to enlarge.

A majority of respondents (74.2%) reported that they use the basic features of website analytics tools (like Google Analytics) to measure users’ consumption of their content and how many visitors come through their websites. They are also tracking some metrics related to social media, specifically followers/members (73.3%). Organizations are also using email analytics (65.6%, somewhat low, given the heavy use of email by respondents).

A significant number (24.6%) of organizations are tracking coded offers, a smart and advanced use of social media to drive ticket sales.

Overall, however, based on our results and conversations with groups to whom we have presented previews of our findings, we’re seeing very little or uneven measurement of interaction, influence, and engagement. The world at large is struggling with how to measure these factors, so this is not particular to arts organizations. Still, a lack of measurement in these areas means that arts organizations don’t always have clear insight into how effective their activities are, except through the most basic of metrics (views, follower counts, and web traffic)—even when their efforts are successful, they don’t always know how or why.

Changing based on feedback

Changing based on feedback. Click to enlarge.

We were concerned about the comparatively high number of respondents (53.7%) that reported not changing anything on the basis of audience feedback—a missed opportunity for optimization of content and offerings based on tangible audience response. While a single user’s comment should not form the basis for sweeping changes, we do see this as an inability to respond when audiences speak directly to the organization.

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