From our results so far: 2/3 report management is excited about digital media

Judging from the results we’ve analyzed so far, arts professionals have entered a new stage in their attitudes toward digital and social media. In short, the panic is over:

  • Less than 1/4, 21% thus far, report that management is “daunted” by the technological aspects
  • Only 7% report that management is “resistant” to using digital and social media
  • Nearly 2/3 of responding arts professionals (64.8%) report that the organization’s management is “excited” about these new communications tools

Most respondents express a positive outlook in other areas as well and are reporting that they’re getting results from their efforts in social media. For example, of organizations responding to our survey that sell tickets, only 7.5% reported that they have had “no results” from digital and social media where ticket sales are concerned.

Watch this page for updates on what the data shows and how it can help arts groups improve their digital communications strategies.

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