Arts leaders report benefits of simply taking our survey!

So far, nearly 1,500 arts organizations from across the country have taken our How Strong is Your Social Net? survey measuring messaging alignment, resource allocation and effectiveness of digital outreach efforts.  We received feedback from several colleagues who’ve taken the survey that simply taking the survey has helped focus their thinking on how to develop meaningful digital communication plans.

Michael Cool, executive director of New Jersey’s Stockton Performing Arts Center noted the survey was a learning experience — “It was enlightening. I could see that we at the Stockton Performing Arts Center could be able to cull many good ideas just from the questions asked in the survey. It seems to me that the best surveys are constructed in a way that not only do the users help to submit useful data but also that they in turn can learn something from the experience.”

Stephanie Riso, Operations Director of the Pittsburg Irish and Classical Theatre – in residence at the University of Pittsburgh said the survey helped her ask the right questions to lead internal conversations and capture vital information about the theater’s communications activities: “I just took the survey and it made me realize there is a lot we haven’t thought of or tracked.  I would like to share the questions with my staff … It would be useful for them to see the questions and the types of things that may need more attention – or at least get us all talking about it.”

The survey is now open to arts groups of any size and the results promise to shed light on practices and perceptions of effectiveness and showcase innovative social media experiments across the country.  If you haven’t taken the survey, there’s still time!  Click here and take it right now.

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